Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Night Time Feathered Patrol

The dock lights line the runway for the blue heron as he glides in for a silent landing. He patrols the docks every night or so it seems as I have never seen him fish off of the docks. He is the silent feathered sentry of the night.

Happy Captain

That is the look Craig has pretty much every day all day - I'm thinking the captain is very happy to be here.

Drew's Birthday Party

Happy 1st Birthday Drew!

Drew was one on August 30th! Amber and Dayn held his birthday party on September 1st. We had a lot of guests and of course presents. He was more interested in the cards. The cake was too cute as you can see. Amber did a great job on the cake and decorations. In case you hadn't guessed the theme - Pirates Arrrrrrrr. Even Jack got to be part of the festivities!

Samantha's Visit

Samantha came for a weekend visit. We went to Cabrillo National Mounument where I took this "cheesecake" shot of her. We took Jack swimming in the ocean, visited the GasLamp area and we went over to Coronado Island. She is doing well with her new job and is planning on staying for a while. Apartment hunting soon. It is nice that the girls can come over on Friday nights and still have the majority of the weekend with us. Beats the 17 hour one way drive!! As you can tell it was another wonderful sunny day in San Diego - low to mid 70's every day. Can't hate that!

Do You Want To Play

What else but playing flippy. Jack loves his twice a day walks with Craig. They go across the street and play doggy frisbee in the park and of course Jack has an audience every time they go to play. Lots of people know Jack by name now - not ours but the dog's! Craig is definately Jack's favorite playmate - I have to admit Craig is mine too!!

Beach Day with the Kids

Gotta get the sand out of those sensitive spots!

Amber, Dayn and Andrew (Drew) came to visit us for a long weekend. We took them to SeaWorld, Doobie Brothers Concert, and of course to the beach at Coronodo. Drew's first time at the beach! Papa and I walked him to the water the first time and then it was we could do to keep him out of the ocean!! He loved it. Papa taught us all how to make dribble castles.

He did really well on the boat considering he is used to the run of a house and then he was confined to the small boat spaces. He thought it was great fun to toss his trucks off the back of the boat and watch us all scramble off to get them before they sunk. It was a great visit.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Greetings from sunny San Diego! We have been doing the touristy stuff as well as a bit of exploring. We had Amber, Dayn and Drew here for a long weekend visit and then Samantha came for a weekend.