Friday, October 19, 2007

Visit to Old Town San Diego

We spent an afternoon at Old Town and these children put on a wonderful little dance performance. They are too cute in the grown up costumes. We enjoyed the day as well as the mexican dinner there that evening.

A Day of Fun at SeaWorld

We spent a wonderful day at SeaWorld. Lynne and I love the sea lions! The day was nice- no sun but a good temperature and the shows were wonderul as ususal. Craig and I love it there and I guess that would be why we have an annual pass.

Touring Old Ships at San Diego Bay

We spent an afternoon touring the 4 ships and a Russian Submarine that are here as a floating museum on the bay. Steve really enjoyed the submarine - it is the type he spied upon! It was fun going through the sub and having Steve be the tour guide; reading the russian signs to us, explaining the different tasks of the sailors on the sub and comparing it to the US subs and sailors. We toured the Star of India and the Surprise. The Star of India is 144 years old and the Surprise is a reproduction and was used for the filming of the movie Master and Commander. It was a great afternoon!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Drew's Halloween Costume

Amber picked this outfit up last weekend for Drew's Halloween costume. I went to see my girls and Drew last weekend. Craig had to fly home to do his real estate class continuing ed. classes - it snowed on him! He was happy to come back to San Diego!! I bought Drew a tee shirt that has 3 pictures with monkeys on them - each picture has a saying above it. Monkey see-Monkey do- Monkey get in trouble too!!!!!

Jack's Likes Italian Too!

Jack had a little taste of what we had for dinner - Great pasta dinner by chef Lynne!

Lynne and Steve's Visit

We went to Sea Port Village today for Chowder, Fish and Chips. Had to do a little shopping too - this is Steve's idea of shopping! We bought the hat and glasses for Lynne's sports car apparel and I guess we should have gotten Steve his own pair of fun glasses too. Lynne is quite cute in her new shades and hat!!