Monday, January 25, 2010

We spent a wonderful Christmas in St. Louis with Amber, Dayn and Drew. Drew loves Jack (who doesn't). He asks Amber when is Jack coming home. He doesn't like to hear Jack lives with Papa and Nana.
The drive from home to St. Louis and back is the most butt numbing and mind numbing ride ever. NEVER again. We will fly the next time if they are still there. Could be they are moving on - looking at CA.
We are leaving in a couple of days for 2 wonderful months in the San Diego area!!! Our friends from Vegas are coming to stay with us for a week and maybe we can get Richard to come play with Craig too.

Craig is stuck tonight in South Dakota due to a blizzard. He went (drove) to Rochester, MN with the Palmer's to move Betty into a new apartment. Of course while he was gone we got a foot of new snow - Jack is happy...