Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1,210 Miles

Yup, he did it and then some by the 30th of March no less!  I suggested another 200 before we leave on the 15th of April - the "look" was aimed at me once again......
Craig figured out that he will be able to wear shorts for 11 months and has only had to wear "big boy" pants twice since being here and that was because of where we were dining those evenings. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mileage Update

Craig has put on 1,162 miles on his bike in less than 4 months!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do You Have Days Like This?

Snow News and "Stuff"

Craig and I both talked with family at home in Big Sky and got the snow reports.  Sorry, but I am sooo glad we are missing it!!!  I know it is melting shortly after it falls but that just becomes mud season for another two months. 

We have been talking about bringing another Border Collie into our lives.  We have decided that the breed is so smart and quick to learn and we just can't see ourselves with any other kind of dog.  We are talking about a puppy (good thing they are quick learners) because Craig has not had the "fun" of a Border Collie puppy and we need to introduce the boat life, traveling and other life style demands that are harder on older dogs adapt to.  So we will look when we get home for a new addition to our lives.  I hope I am up to potty training, crate training and short nights....  May have to borrow another dog for a week to help with some of those training needs because they learn so well from the puppy see - puppy do type of situation.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One thousand Plus

Craig hit his 1,000 mile mark plus 20 more miles today!!!  Amazing determination and fortitude.  So, again, I suggested another mileage goal for him (easy for me to say).  I think he can hit 1,200 miles - he is "thinking" about it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rider Update

Craig hit 902 miles yesterday.  We extended our stay two more weeks and I suggested he could extend his goal to 1,200 miles.  I got the "look". 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sounds of Freedom

Last month the navy base here had a huge celebration.  It was the 100 years of aviation celebration.  The traffic coming onto the island was backed up the 5 for miles!!  We left the island and spent the day at the marina to clean and enjoy the boat.  We actually had a great spot to see the planes of all vintages, sizes, formations and noise level fly over us.  On the island the locals refer to the few seconds of extremely loud noise that occurs several times a day as the aircraft flies over as the "Sounds of Freedom".  We really like that term and really don't mind the noise.  
Today we spent on Point Loma watching the activity on the bay and the aircraft flying from the Naval base.  Lots of folks were checking on their boats.  No damage where we are.  Just really wacked tidal moves.  High tide and low tide occurred in rotation every 20 to 30 minutes over the course of 5 hours!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dinner Oops

We tried Tika Masala (from a Jar) tonight....  We tried to be fair but Lynne and Jenny have spoiled us.  In an effort to cut carbs down we didn't even have Naan...  Big mistake all the way around.  (Hope my spelling of the food isn't too bad.)  So, the moral of the story is - if you have ever had this wonderful dish crafted by Lynne or Jenny DO NOT try it in the jar you will be sadly disappointed. Naan is a must have no matter what.  I missed you today Jenny and Lynne!!!!

"Dirt Bag" Bike Rider

The descriptive term is Craig's.  Everyone else apparently wears the biker uniform that he sees out riding.  Can you imagine Craig wearing the biker's uniform??  As he tells me when I suggest it - " I don't think so". (Yes, I cleaned that quote up). He is at 800 miles as of this morning.  Then he went to the "office".  We are having the teak re-done and he is doing the general contractor check up. :)   I stayed home and cleaned house as our friends from Las Vegas will be here for the weekend.